Letters to Kyoto


Letters to Kyoto

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Letters to Kyoto is an album that contains songs I recorded for the beautiful VSCO 23.5 film, Kyoto by Alan Algee. I have always dreamed of traveling to Japan since I was a child. By the time I was in high school, I was highly intrigued by the culture and deep philosophical nature of life there. Now, years later, I have yet to set foot in the country and these pieces are like letters to a city I have longed to experience.

VSCO 23.5: Kyoto strives to convey the meeting of the ultra ancient with the ultra modern. According to Alan, the director of the film:

“I've been planning to shoot this exact story ever since I moved to Kyoto... I see this film as a film not only for VSCO, but for Japan. A film that brings a balance of nostalgia and contemporary critique... I have assembled a team of voices to help me strengthen not only a sublime visual account but a unique and philosophical one.”

I am proud to be one of the many wonderful voices who contributed to this project. One day, I won't have to write a letter.

Letters to Kyoto also contains a couple of tracks that I submitted, but did not make the soundtrack.
- Night Dream
- Feelin' it

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