3 Weeks = 3 New Releases

We’re putting out three new records in the next three weeks from three different artists. 3:3:3. It’s meant to be!

#TBT: Obsucre #DJset :: The Journey Left

I found this old DJ set while I was getting some images for an interview with the good people at (more on that later). It's chill and a bit of a journey with a few underground gems. I accidentally had it on repeat this past Sunday and didn’t even notice! Check it out!

Man in a Loft Interview with #MiMediaBio

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a cool guy, Mauricio, for the Mi Media Bio podcast. If you want to hear me ramble about my journey into technology, where (I think) music comes from, life and other random things, click the READ MORE like and take a listen!

Everything New!

Everything is new. New music. A calendar of releases. A new release out right now! New challenges! New! New! New!

#TBT tHumpday! Sensual House Edition

Checkout this list of sensual, sexy and intimate throwback house tunes. #Summer

Man in a Loft live from Selina Antigua!

Check this this live mix from Selina Antigua! Beats & treats by the pool!

808 Basslines! A Tutorial!
tHumpday #13 !!!
Thumpday 12!!!
Thumpday 11!!!
Thumpday 10!!!
tHumpday 9!!!
tHumpday #8
tHumpday #7

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