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Crazy - The Single
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Hey!  I wanted to give you an idea of what we'll be working on what and I hope to accomplish.  Below is a list of tracks.  I don't expect us to do all of them... I'd prefer to work on those you were into, if any.  Otherwise, maybe we can work on the ones I think are high priority? Whatever works.  I don't know how much you want to put into this, but I'm down to get quite layered if you're into it. Bongos. Congas. Shakers. Etc. etc. etc. Or... we can keep it simple :).




I don't know how you like to work.  Some people like to create things and some prefer to be instructed.  Let me know.  I would definitely love to hear your ideas. 

Now... I'm really open to ideas, but I assume the majority of this stuff is bongos and congas...?  My goal is to strip out the music (chords, bass, synths...).  Just a four on the floor and you.  Maybe shakers and other stuff.  I want this to be the sick percussive version.  I might add different music or something, but I think that would be really hot!  I really love Brazilian and African rhythms, but you're the expert!  I'd love to hear what you think.  People say this is a big house record.  I dunno anything about that, but I think a percussive version will be HOT!

At the 31 second mark is a break down.  I'd like that music, the 4 on the floor and you.  i'm going to strip out all the other music.  I will probably use the hook and the "you". 

I'd love to do something harder here.  Keep the sweet vocals, but the same thing... stripped down music... probably something a bit more minor.  I'd really love something really hard and banging here in terms of the percussion.  Once again.. It'l be you and the 4 on the floor.  These could be quite layered if you wanna go for broke and break out all of the toys :).  Otherwise, I could try to play/program any of the nuances... triangles, shakers, etc... housey-snares (if necessary).

I'd like to strip out my percussion and add something hypnotic.  I could keep this music... Or once again, do something completely different by stripping out all of the instruments and keep the focus on you and the four on the floor..  I think that would be hot.

Could replay this maybe... but freak it?  Or perhaps something more fun.

I think this is really begging for some

soloing!  Maybe keep the vibe, but add the energy and build it.. etc.. ?  It's pretty open and leaves a lot of room to play around 2:20.