Starting the New Year Off Right!

I have a vision of reality that one day people from all over the world will wake up from that prison of the American dream and start putting actions into their hopes and promises. A vision where politicians are not the answer and their deception will destroy their careers like cancer, as they choke on their lies and the truth burns theirs eyes becuase of the propoganda of hatred that has backfired on them.
— Biblical Jones

On January 20th - inaguration day, a new brand new Antigua Deep record drops on Certified Organik Records! Given all that happened last year, I thought this record was very timeley. Out on Traxsource, iTunes, Beatport and everywhere quality house music is sold!

Join us!


tHumpday #13 !!!

Music fiends!!!! This week we go from London to Dallas... From Canada to Japan. Today we have a bit of house, a lovely bit of jazz fusion, neo-soul and chill electronica. Enjoy this weeks tHumpday where we expose you to you music you've never heard before!! Worldwide! One Love!


Change // London, UK

Loving this Day Kye tune! It appears to feature Jordan Rakei! Grand groove.


RC & The Gritz

The Feel // Dallas, Texas

Jazz. Soul. Rap. And... More jazz. The Feel is the first track from this lovely RC & the Gritz release entitled, The Feel! That's right. Fans of groups like The Internet and Hiatus fans should feel this. The album is well worth a listen!


A l l i e

Yemi's Song // Toronto, Ontario

Yeah... You like this, like I knew you would.



Palm // Japan

Deep. Chill. Sensual.

Thumpday 12!!!

Cyber-REGGAE. Cyber-DUB. Cyber Alternative stuff and... cyber-house!

Hey! Did you survive Black Friday and CyberMonday?!?!? I swear, it's that time of year that reminds of The Purge, where all of your fellow citizens go out to kill one another over alleged deals on (meaningless) material items. If you made it, I hope you're still in the shopping spirit, because it's tHumpday, where I bring you hot music by indie artists who could use a purchase or two as well!

Today, we're a bit like crazed shoppers trying to find the right aisle during those infamous shopping events... We're all over the place. We have some good vibe reggae, house with a message, a cool alternative piece and... Thunder.

Thumpday 11!!!

Soulful & Jazzy

Welcome to tHumpday, a weekly post I provide as a public service for all of the HOT, artistic underdogs you might not know, but secretly wish you did! As always, if you like any of this, stop trying to find that free download and support these struggling artists that have bills to pay, just like you!

Todays post is mostly a mixture of classic soul and jazz...or jazz fusion!



Time Moves Slow // Toronto, Canada

Let's start this post off right. Um... Have you ever heard of BADBADNOTGOOD? They're kinda popular. I wonder why? Maybe, it's all that delicious soul they bring. Check 'em out! Remember... Running away is easy. It's the leaving that's hard!



Gates // New York, New York

Feeling this... This lovely New York artist brings us, Gates. It's pretty interesting. A lot of songs I've been listening to these days have references to 90's R&B/Alternative R&B material. Anyways....Open up your gates and let someone in your life. Life is short!


Jay Daniel

Paradise Valley // Detroit, Michigan

Let's get chill and instrumental. Words just get in the way. Hailing from the remnants of that great city, Detroit, Jay Daniel brings you the pleasantly percussive Paradise Valley. Now, lay back and relax.



Frigid Air feat µ-iq // Brooklyn, New York

Speaking of chill instrumentals, Brooklyn's FaltyDL delivers the vibe with Frigid Air, off of the Heaven is for Quitters album.


Adam & Kizzie

Smile // Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A modern jazz song with interesting timing and a message... Checkout this combination of acoustic instruments and modern tech in this creation from the Oklahoma duo, Adam and Kizzie.


Terrace Martin

Think of You // Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Let's elevate the energy a bit... Staying in the realm of jazz, I'm so happy to share this grand dose of beauty from Phili! Yes, the city has way more to offer the world then a damn sandwich! Hot! I love this song. Check out the mans collection of work if you feel this.

Thumpday 10!!!

New York. Ohio. California.

It's time for another tHumpday post, a weekly covert attempt to expand the global awareness of good, indie music from around the world. I do this all for free. There is no pay to play, though I wouldn't mind some dollars!!! If you're an artist or know of anything I should feature here, reach out to me via the contact page.

Todays tHumpday post keeps it all in the United States and brings you bits of modern classic soul music, R&B and... hmmm... alternative R&B, I suppose. As always, if you love these tunes, buy them. Chances are, they're struggling artists like me and could be use a love and appreciation in the form of your purchase! Spread love!


Slice of Paradise // New York, New York

Yeah... A bit of Afro pick. Cool company brings us a modern song with a classic vibe. Hailing from , NY. We could all use a bit of paradise these days.



Ode // New York, New York

Also hailing from the infamous city of NY, I bring you Seedah. This song reminds of that type of modern classic soul Amy Winehouse helped bring back. Delicious... and with a sexy voice too (hear the end of the song)!



Day and Night // Los Angeles, CA

Changing positions and getting realllllllly R&B, I bring you a man simply known as Davie. All the way on the other side of the United States, Davie dishes up that R&B goodness, Day and Night.


Tracy the RRaebreed

Bomb // Toledo, Ohio

I have a confession. I have no idea what a "Rraebreed" is... Rare breed, maybe??? But -- Whatever it is, Tracy is one of them... Not only is Tracy a Rraebreed, but he's also bring you Fifty Shades of Tray... Yep, 50. Someone bring me my handcuffs. Also on the R&B path, this piece has something 90's R&B lovers will know from way back.



Grab the Sky // New York, New York

First, I'd like to say a big, all caps CONGRATS to Ms. Valverde, an artist I've known mostly by name for quite some time. Here is a cool piece that was featured in the TV show, Queen Sugar!