Man in a Loft is an artist/producer/dj that specializes in lifestyle oriented downtempo, chill, electronica, house music and interesting remixes of hiphop, R&B and pop music.


A descendant of Caribbean immigrants in America, Man in a Loft began his musical journey at the young age of 9 in New Jersey as a fast learning first year piano pupil of an old Ukrainian teacher.  Although he gave up his musical career for play time with friends outside, as a freshman in high school, Man in a  Loft made his way back to the piano and began to learn popular Billboard hits in his spare time.  The first song he penned won first prize in a Coors National Talent contest and led others to believe he was gifted.

”I was so shy, but I mustered up some courage and let some people hear what I was doing. The next thing I know, they offered me keyboards and musical equipment. I was just a kid in high school.  I really didn't know much about studio equipment at that time.”


It didn't take long for that to change.  While attending college, Man in a Loft began working in various recording studios with local musicians, while learning all he could about the recording process. Persistence, knowledge of his craft and diligent networking led him to work with greats like Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, Melky Sedeck, Biz Markie, Simone Hines, and many other artists. In the early 2000's he helped create and score a 13 episode animated series starring Amel Larrieux for the SciFi (ScyFy) channel called, Mattkara. In 2003 he won the Heineken Music initiative/ASCAP Foundation R&B Songwriters Grant, along with his songwriting partner Chinua Hawk, for their song “I Remember You”. In 2004 he worked with multi-grammy award winning songwriter/singer/record producer, Gordon Chambers.


Since then, there has been a slow trickle of releases including a modest collection of sensual interpretations of popular hiphop and R&B songs known as Stimulated Remixes.


"Some people thought I made sexy, sesnual... sometimes cinematic tracks.  I wanted to see if I could put a sensual spin on hiphop and R&B/hiphop songs.  I just wanted to try something different." 


To this day, his remixes are played around the world.  You can often hear them being spun at the Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, Bar MM in Hollywood and on radio.


At present, Man in a loft is happy to have released collaborations and interpretations with artists such as Masia One, brands such as Vitamin A and more.


In January of 2014 he expects to release an EP with the Bay Area singer/songwriter, Jamila. Entitled, Love is Sexy, the ep is a fusion of acoustic instruments, electricica and digital soul, inspired in part by those who paved this path before him: Sade, Stewart Mathewman, Sweetback, etc. 

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This is an instrumental preview of a sexy song called Don't U. Coming soon on Jamila's Love is Sexy EP, due out in late October.