I love to cook good food. 

I try to come up with quick, exotic, often spicy dishes that use fresh, organic ingredients, fewer pots & pans and take less time. The recipes are usually vegan (though I am not vegan), but I think meat eaters will also find them to be rather tasty.

Get pickled.


The right tools for the job...

I really don't think you need a lot of kitchen gadgets and extra stuff.  You really need a few bare essentials... good knifes... decent pots... a pan or two.  Beyond that, there are some things that can change your cooking potential exponentially.  Some of these tools changed my life and the way I make food.  Sometimes it's best to avoid those less expensive, widely available consumer products, despite their reviews.  They're often cheaply made, perform poorly and break sooner than later.  In my opinion, the tools I recommend are vital and will probably last you for the rest of your life.
My recommendations are based on my experiences, nothing more.  Below are some of the things I've pinned.