Dungeons and Drag Queens: Jan´s Homecoming Party
1:00 PM13:00

Dungeons and Drag Queens: Jan´s Homecoming Party

Bring your best Legolas and your sexiest RuPaul.
Get your bikini wax done and sharpen your swords.
Choose your wand and tape up your mangina.

We have DJ Man in a Loft playing music all day at the pool, plenty of creative and crazy costumes, make up artists, drag queens and all the chaos BJ can create, RuPaul would love it.

Special guests from Alpaca with plenty of sexy outfits for you guys.

Lots and lots of surprises including a Miss Driftwood 2018 competition, a special punishment for Brant and plenty more...

Make your booking soon!


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New Wine Drinking Music! Motions & Meditations!
12:01 AM00:01

New Wine Drinking Music! Motions & Meditations!


Going through the motions.
Discovering the meditations.

All of our experieces can lead us to a better place. Look for the light.

Shout out to all Virgos!

This release includes our last release for free, as bonus tracks. It's our way of saying thank you. We hope you enjoy our music with your next glass of vino. Our EP will be out this fall! Stay tuned!

One love.

PS: The Story

This track was originally called Mayan Temples... but as it developed, the vibe of the original idea was lost and took a turn. I thought the title needed to change and match the new sound and direction.

The "early bird mix" is literally an early version of this piece.

Releases September 7, 2018

Heartbot on drums
Deeper Connections on bass
Man in a Loft on keys...

Written by Man in a Loft.

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