tHumpday 16 - Vibes


Vibes Upon Vibes

Chill love and light today. Are you ready to ease your way over the hump with a bit of thump?



Vibes, upon vibes, upon vibes, upon vibes! Love and light to all. Shout out my man Alvin for sending this Yussef Dayes piece! I thought it was a perfect introduction. I couldn't find this on Bandcamp, but it is on Spotify.


10.4 ROG & (Liv).e // Dallas, Texas

A lil' dusty. A lil' classic. A bit of headbop and a lot of soul. Instantly on repeat. I do wish I could mix this record though. A lilttle bit of humpday motivation. Stay focused! Lovin' the vibe of this tune... and those harmonies. This and other treats are on Liv.E the album entitled, Hoopdreams on Spotify. I do wish there was a better mix of the record though... I would love to mix a joint [I'm lookin' at you Powaline]! Grand vibes. Great work!


TIMOTHY BLOOM // Los Angeles, California

Classic and soulful. At first, the chord changes reminded me of Only Have Eyes for You by the Flamingos...but then the change came and I changed my mind! :) Work it out, people.


PETROLANE / Chicago, Illinois

Picking the electronic energy up with this one...Chill. Synthy. Bouncy. This would be in my headphones while I stroll the city on a sunny day. Good vibes!



That's it for this episode of tHumpday! I'd like to thank all of the artists for contributing to the greater creative collective in life! See you next week with more groves from all over the world! You can also listen to tHumpday on Spotify!

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