Kyoto (DEEP NIGHT) :: Part 2 Out now !!!!

I'm a little late. I've been away on a journey of sorts...

While I was away, part two of the Kyoto film, entitled Deep Night, dropped! Oooo-la-la! I watched the film a few times. All I can say is... Wow. It's really interesting to see the results of somewhat random decisions made my so many people. It makes me ponder quite a bit, the way things unfold so seamlessly and naturally to produce in a single piece of art. What a great team!


When I watched the film for the first time there were a few surprises:

  1. This really shouldn't have been a surprise, but... the film is quite smooth. There are changes in the mood and context that blend together in such a graceful way. But... That's what Alan does! It's poetic and mysterious. One day, I'll have to see Kyoto with my own eyes in person.
  2. Whoa! The entire score for this film is all by yours truly. Wow! When I saw the rough edits, I wasn't under the impression my music would be the only music in this film. Wow. It feels good! =)
  3. What? Jamila's Crazy (MIAL Vaporwave Remix) made it's way into the film and the closing credits!! I thought the dub version might make it, but I was pleasantly surprised the vocal version was used. Who knew?!

I believe the song, delicate - a day dream, is also in this film! =) If you like any of the music in the film, feel free to support me and the participating artists by purchasing any or all of the soundtrack on this page or on Bandcamp!