Thumpday 11!!!

Soulful & Jazzy

Welcome to tHumpday, a weekly post I provide as a public service for all of the HOT, artistic underdogs you might not know, but secretly wish you did! As always, if you like any of this, stop trying to find that free download and support these struggling artists that have bills to pay, just like you!

Todays post is mostly a mixture of classic soul and jazz...or jazz fusion!



Time Moves Slow // Toronto, Canada

Let's start this post off right. Um... Have you ever heard of BADBADNOTGOOD? They're kinda popular. I wonder why? Maybe, it's all that delicious soul they bring. Check 'em out! Remember... Running away is easy. It's the leaving that's hard!



Gates // New York, New York

Feeling this... This lovely New York artist brings us, Gates. It's pretty interesting. A lot of songs I've been listening to these days have references to 90's R&B/Alternative R&B material. Anyways....Open up your gates and let someone in your life. Life is short!


Jay Daniel

Paradise Valley // Detroit, Michigan

Let's get chill and instrumental. Words just get in the way. Hailing from the remnants of that great city, Detroit, Jay Daniel brings you the pleasantly percussive Paradise Valley. Now, lay back and relax.



Frigid Air feat µ-iq // Brooklyn, New York

Speaking of chill instrumentals, Brooklyn's FaltyDL delivers the vibe with Frigid Air, off of the Heaven is for Quitters album.


Adam & Kizzie

Smile // Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A modern jazz song with interesting timing and a message... Checkout this combination of acoustic instruments and modern tech in this creation from the Oklahoma duo, Adam and Kizzie.


Terrace Martin

Think of You // Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Let's elevate the energy a bit... Staying in the realm of jazz, I'm so happy to share this grand dose of beauty from Phili! Yes, the city has way more to offer the world then a damn sandwich! Hot! I love this song. Check out the mans collection of work if you feel this.