Man in a Loft Presents: eXploration V1 - Unknown Souls

Welcome to the first installment of eXploration, a sonic journey of chill, sensual music from around the world.  This first glimpse will feature some of my favorite lesser known artists whose pieces remain more beautiful than ever before.  And… I admit, there are some pretty popular artists on there as well.  It's  sonic journey of the heart, the flesh, trials and tribulations from those whose likeness may never grace your eyes from billboards up high, whose names may never be uttered to ears of millions via popular radio stations, but whose pieces are timeless and beautiful reflections of all our lives.  I proudly share with you the artists I love… the music I play at home.


This playlist is a bit... Sunday-ish... A chill evening, nothing to get crazy to.  If you stopped by my place for dinner and wine, this might be part of the evenings soundtrack.

I start the set with the instrumental of a song I'm working on called, Slow Motion… but what follows that is even more important, the ought-to-be-infamous Jacqui Simone and her sensual creation known as, Please Don't Rush.  I love Jacqui Simone.  She's a tell-it-like-it-is songwriter with interesting vocal nuances accompanied by another lesser known super-producer, Baby Jupiter.  These two made a wonderful team.  Honest.. Soulful… Sensual… Funky. 


After that is a group that really epitomizes the beauty of soul music and emotion, A Race of Angels.  This piece, off of a compilation of LA based creators, is called Just Begun. Another group I love for obvious reasons.  The music speaks for itself. Beautiful.


I stumbled across this cover of Pretty Wings.  I don't know much about Daley, but I liked it.  You can read more about him here.


Next up is a guy who is soooo talented… His catalogue of songs is crazy....  Chinua Hawk, an artist holding it down in Atlanta, GA (though originally from NJ), and I Can't Move On… Now this song is from way back… An early piece, in what I think is safe to call the beginning of his career, is still a good song hailing again from the 90's.  I love the dynamics of this song.  More Chinua to come in the future.


There is not much I can say about this next group that hasn't been said in triplicate.  Little Dragon really needs no description. =) In the event you somehow missed this group, they have three albums of goodness.  Go and find them.  Thank me later.



Next up, a careless whisper called Don't U by Oakland, California's, Jamila from her upcoming EP, Love is Sexy. Available on the Valentines Day, February 14th, on JAMILA.BANDCAMP.COM and Feb. 17th on iTunes, Amazon and everywhere else.  Shamless plug.  This is project is produced by yours truly.  


This song is blessed by the bass strokes of Gabe Noel (Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Everlast), trumpeter Timothy J. Tesh and the multi-talented Ahmeenah Kaplin (Rihanna, Macy Gray, Drake) on percussion.  I'm honored to have these musicians bless this project.  People are telling me this is Sade-esque.  =)  Though I strive to walk upon the path they have paved, I can happily state there is one and ONLY one Sade… but we are honored by the compliment. =) 


The current singles, Crazy and Feeling Friendly are currently available on  Crazy, the music video, drops soon!


Followed by... I Know All the Bitches Instrumental. A little sensual, chill headbop never hurt anyone.  This piece of silk is by Mr. Beatnick Ft. Ahu.  More Ahu please.  I love when she does songs like these.  This single has fabulous remixes including a lovely interpretation by the one and only Atjazz, but the original still knocks gracefully. 


This is next man is of the greats in my opinion.  One of my favorite musicians/producers/artists has been Prince… I think Van Hunt might come in second.  Diverse and direct, but gentle.  A multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter… Man.  I regret sleeping on this guy when he was making and performing these records.  I knew not what I did.  Better late than never!!!  If you're not familiar, check him out.  This song is called, Feelings.


An old ditty with a lovely woman named, Mercedes called, Nocturnal Part 1.


I remember the first time I heard this song.  I made a crazy face and said, "WHO IS THAT??!?"  I love this song.  The great Georgia Ann Muldrow with In Love Again…  Killing it.  Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Player.  

Electric Wire HustleTom Boy.  This joint is soulful and so beautiful.  I love the vibe of this group… Followed by New Zealands Fat Freddy's Drop and their delicate song Del Fuego.  Anotoher beautiful piece from another band worth checking out.


Speaking of which… If you haven't checked out Quadron, here is a taste.  I love their sonic twists.  Thats the best way I can put it.  I love this Danish duo.  The song is called, Horse.


Next… Deep, electronic goodness from TwigsWater Me.  Electro-sensuality… with many glitch-ish and highly creative sonic surprises.


In closing, Amethyste by Nicolas Robin.  Nuff said.


I'm all typed out!

Until round 2,
Man in a Loft...