New Chill House for the Summer!

Summer is here and so is this chill, jazzy, piano house piece from Antigua Deep called, State of Mind. It's a bit of a cerebral journey to the mental state. Let the house help you meditate! This drops on Lofty Recordings this Friday, June 29th! It's all part of our 3 week effort to release 3 new singles from 3 different artists! 3.3.3.

While we're here, let's also include these lovely Antigua Deep throwbacks!

Universal Audio: The Moog Filter Collection & More

If you're a UAD user like I am, you'll be excited to know they just released version 9.1 of their infamous software suite and this release includes some goodies! Personally, I'm super excited to demo the Moog Filter Collection. Check it out!

Some producers might be excited to checkout the OTO Biscuit.

As an owner of the previous iteration of the SSL Channel Strip, I'd love to compare it to the new and improved version in this release. Word on the street is it's gorgeous.

Starting the New Year Off Right!

I have a vision of reality that one day people from all over the world will wake up from that prison of the American dream and start putting actions into their hopes and promises. A vision where politicians are not the answer and their deception will destroy their careers like cancer, as they choke on their lies and the truth burns theirs eyes becuase of the propoganda of hatred that has backfired on them.
— Biblical Jones

On January 20th - inaguration day, a new brand new Antigua Deep record drops on Certified Organik Records! Given all that happened last year, I thought this record was very timeley. Out on Traxsource, iTunes, Beatport and everywhere quality house music is sold!

Join us!