The Tale of Randolph Williams III

A Man with a Smooth Voice.

Have you ever heard of Randolph Williams III??? If the answer is no, let me help you get familiar. Randolph Williams III is the singer, songwriter and brilliant musician behind... well... Randolph Williams III (solo releases), Bright Beast (often played on KCRW in Los Angeles and around the globe) and a band that has earned a special place in my heart, One Trick Pony (iTunes link).

"My love you can't divorce. You made that mistake of thinking I'm afraid like you are... a slave like you are."

One Trick Pony was Randolphs 3 or 4...or 5 piece band in the mid 2000's consisting of Randolph on lead vocals and guitar, a drummer with a minimal kit (think early White Stripes), a violinist and at times an a banjo player, string player or bass player. Man... Most of the material for the band came from the mind an heart of Randolph. The video above is a live, in studio version of one my favorite One Trick Pony songs, Loose Talk found on the Full of Life album!  Highly Recommended.

This man is brilliant and, in my humble opinion, his music has yet to get the appreciation it deserves! Above is a clip of another One Trick Pony (OTP) favorite from a live show in Los Angeles about 8 years ago. It's called Box Song. You can find it on the Phantom Pains release. The quality of the audio in the video is a bit sketchy. You can hear a better clip here. A great break-up song.

I'm going to feature Randolph in a future Thumpday post. In fact, in Thumpday 4, I really thought a collaboration with Marylands, Mel Devisa would be interesting. It's a bit of a music lovers wet dream, I suppose. Maybe I can interview him and mention such a thing!

I'm sure there will be more posts about Randolph and his work in the future so I'm going to close out with the recorded version of Box Song! Enjoy!