tHumpday #8


Back again and the first song in this weeks post is so... RELEVANT! But first... Thumpday! Hot music picks from indie side of the game. Today, we get into some jazzy hiphop with too many good messages, that good soul, house beats and chill treats!



Too Many Of Not Enough (Alternative Mix) featuring Aisha Sheerena // London, UK

Listen! Hailing from London with all the right things to say, Funky DL. This joint has everything I love, a bit of jazz, some boom-bap and words worth considering. Add some grove laden intellect to your life and cop this now!



I Will Never Know ft Moonchild (TBG Remix) // Detroit, Michigan

Tall. Black. Guy. Remix... + Moonchild. I'm sayin'... A bit of neosoul, hiphop deliciousness from the infamous producer hailing from Detroit. I won't lie. I know the name Tall Black Guy, but I never really got into his work. I don't know why I deprive myself sometimes. Now, I have to dig through this mans catalog of treats. If you're feeling this, perhaps you should too!



I Light a Candle // Wellington, New Zealand

I've been an Electric Wire Hustle fan for many years. As a maker of electronic music and someone with a very nerdy interest in technology, I thought the name Electric Wire Hustle was brilliant. I really enjoy the strings in this song, as well as the Stevie Wonder reference from his iconic classic, All I Do.



WhatYouDoin' // Paris

Ooooooooo-la-la! Chill goodies from Paris, from BluesTaeb. Add this to your chill playlist and help yourself take it down a notch in this crazy world.



Jazzman // Los Angeles, CA

Taking a slight detour, we get into a bit of jazz from Beth Hart. Jazzman! I'll be adding this one to my Sunday Jazz playlist, indeed.