tHumpday #7


Today we get into a bit of cosmic jazz and a Michael Jackson remix from Los Angeles, a song about sage and energy from Pittsburgh, soul and djembe from Washington D.C. and lovely piece from Oklahoma.

Josef Leimberg

Astral Progressions // Los Angeles

Getting a bit cosmic with this piece from Josef Leimberg. This is definitely going on my Sunday playlist, but this one is good for any day! This and some sunshine.


Diggs Duke

Sweat Like Sieves // Washington D.C.

All the way across the country, in the city of political soap opera and corrupt fanfare comes Diggs Duke. Its a cool piece with organ, djembe and lush backgrounds. I don't really know what the whole sieve things is about though...


Daniel Crawford

Dancing Machine Remix // Los Angeles

Just about everyone I know has heard this remix before...but just in case you haven't... From the one and only Daniel Crawford!


Sean C. Johnson

Mountains // Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The first time I played this I thought it was really familiar...There was something about the music. Tom Misch, of course!


Tribe Eternal Music Group

White Sage // Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This one goes out to all of my white sage burners!