Thumpday 12!!!

Cyber-REGGAE. Cyber-DUB. Cyber Alternative stuff and... cyber-house!

Hey! Did you survive Black Friday and CyberMonday?!?!? I swear, it's that time of year that reminds of The Purge, where all of your fellow citizens go out to kill one another over alleged deals on (meaningless) material items. If you made it, I hope you're still in the shopping spirit, because it's tHumpday, where I bring you hot music by indie artists who could use a purchase or two as well!

Today, we're a bit like crazed shoppers trying to find the right aisle during those infamous shopping events... We're all over the place. We have some good vibe reggae, house with a message, a cool alternative piece and... Thunder.

Thumpday 10!!!

New York. Ohio. California.

It's time for another tHumpday post, a weekly covert attempt to expand the global awareness of good, indie music from around the world. I do this all for free. There is no pay to play, though I wouldn't mind some dollars!!! If you're an artist or know of anything I should feature here, reach out to me via the contact page.

Todays tHumpday post keeps it all in the United States and brings you bits of modern classic soul music, R&B and... hmmm... alternative R&B, I suppose. As always, if you love these tunes, buy them. Chances are, they're struggling artists like me and could be use a love and appreciation in the form of your purchase! Spread love!


Slice of Paradise // New York, New York

Yeah... A bit of Afro pick. Cool company brings us a modern song with a classic vibe. Hailing from , NY. We could all use a bit of paradise these days.



Ode // New York, New York

Also hailing from the infamous city of NY, I bring you Seedah. This song reminds of that type of modern classic soul Amy Winehouse helped bring back. Delicious... and with a sexy voice too (hear the end of the song)!



Day and Night // Los Angeles, CA

Changing positions and getting realllllllly R&B, I bring you a man simply known as Davie. All the way on the other side of the United States, Davie dishes up that R&B goodness, Day and Night.


Tracy the RRaebreed

Bomb // Toledo, Ohio

I have a confession. I have no idea what a "Rraebreed" is... Rare breed, maybe??? But -- Whatever it is, Tracy is one of them... Not only is Tracy a Rraebreed, but he's also bring you Fifty Shades of Tray... Yep, 50. Someone bring me my handcuffs. Also on the R&B path, this piece has something 90's R&B lovers will know from way back.



Grab the Sky // New York, New York

First, I'd like to say a big, all caps CONGRATS to Ms. Valverde, an artist I've known mostly by name for quite some time. Here is a cool piece that was featured in the TV show, Queen Sugar!



tHumpday #8


Back again and the first song in this weeks post is so... RELEVANT! But first... Thumpday! Hot music picks from indie side of the game. Today, we get into some jazzy hiphop with too many good messages, that good soul, house beats and chill treats!



Too Many Of Not Enough (Alternative Mix) featuring Aisha Sheerena // London, UK

Listen! Hailing from London with all the right things to say, Funky DL. This joint has everything I love, a bit of jazz, some boom-bap and words worth considering. Add some grove laden intellect to your life and cop this now!



I Will Never Know ft Moonchild (TBG Remix) // Detroit, Michigan

Tall. Black. Guy. Remix... + Moonchild. I'm sayin'... A bit of neosoul, hiphop deliciousness from the infamous producer hailing from Detroit. I won't lie. I know the name Tall Black Guy, but I never really got into his work. I don't know why I deprive myself sometimes. Now, I have to dig through this mans catalog of treats. If you're feeling this, perhaps you should too!



I Light a Candle // Wellington, New Zealand

I've been an Electric Wire Hustle fan for many years. As a maker of electronic music and someone with a very nerdy interest in technology, I thought the name Electric Wire Hustle was brilliant. I really enjoy the strings in this song, as well as the Stevie Wonder reference from his iconic classic, All I Do.



WhatYouDoin' // Paris

Ooooooooo-la-la! Chill goodies from Paris, from BluesTaeb. Add this to your chill playlist and help yourself take it down a notch in this crazy world.



Jazzman // Los Angeles, CA

Taking a slight detour, we get into a bit of jazz from Beth Hart. Jazzman! I'll be adding this one to my Sunday Jazz playlist, indeed.


tHumpday #7


Today we get into a bit of cosmic jazz and a Michael Jackson remix from Los Angeles, a song about sage and energy from Pittsburgh, soul and djembe from Washington D.C. and lovely piece from Oklahoma.

Josef Leimberg

Astral Progressions // Los Angeles

Getting a bit cosmic with this piece from Josef Leimberg. This is definitely going on my Sunday playlist, but this one is good for any day! This and some sunshine.


Diggs Duke

Sweat Like Sieves // Washington D.C.

All the way across the country, in the city of political soap opera and corrupt fanfare comes Diggs Duke. Its a cool piece with organ, djembe and lush backgrounds. I don't really know what the whole sieve things is about though...


Daniel Crawford

Dancing Machine Remix // Los Angeles

Just about everyone I know has heard this remix before...but just in case you haven't... From the one and only Daniel Crawford!


Sean C. Johnson

Mountains // Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The first time I played this I thought it was really familiar...There was something about the music. Tom Misch, of course!


Tribe Eternal Music Group

White Sage // Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This one goes out to all of my white sage burners!

tHumpday #6

Soulful & Laidback!

This weeks post brings music from Bristol, New Zealand, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York. As always, if you're feeling any of these pieces, support the artist and click that blue buy button! Nothing says I like your song like a purchase! :)


Far Away
Los Angeles

Opening todays post with this soulful, feel good piece featuring Donald Hayes on sax and Joonie on guitar, bass and keys. I wonder who the singer is..? Get a little bit of escapism here.


Pete Josef

Move On
Bristol, UK

A very cool song from Pete Josef in Bristol. A soulful, piano driven piece, this song appears to be about a break up. Move on.


Tom Misch

Berlin, Germany

From a compilation on the Jakarta record label from Berlin, Germany, comes one of my favorite producers, Tom Mich. Love the words in the beginning. Do it for the love and all else will follow.



Paradise Descended
New York, New York

A lovely instrumental from BIGYUKI in New York. Vocals by Hannah Macklin with Randy Runyon on guitar and Bigyuki on keys, synth and bass.



Shine On
New Zealand

From New York to New Zealand, we close out with Ladi6 and her hip-hop-R&B ditty called Shine On.

tHumpday #5

Love from LA!

Welcome to tHumpday, a weekly post featuring HOT, indie music from around the world. Today I continue to decrease the storage space on your device with this short list of indie music featuring artists from Los Angeles, California.

This tHumpday post comes late. I've been so busy doing a ,million things. I haven't even had any time to think about making new music, something I really need to do! PLUS, I had a GREAT post ready for you with some hot, hot, hot music, but I lost it all (long story) and I'll need to go digging all over again to find those artists and songs. I just don't have the time. So...

I was really trying to save this for a future post, but there's no time like the present! Here is some greatness from the city of angels.


Nia Andrews

From Here
Los Angeles, California

A woman whose work I have always loved... Nia Andrews. Unfortunately, I was only able to see her perform once, but maybe that will change one day. This is a cool joint called, From Here. Quite live and acoustic sounding, which a refreshing change from the modern dominance of electronic production. If you like this, you should do some digging and checkout more of her work!


Kadhja Bonet

From Here
Los Angeles, California

Keeping it acoustic... Kadhja Bonet, a woman with a silky voice and classic, soul instrumentation. Even the backgrounds remind me of classic soul joints from the 70's. Loving Kadhja's work. She's definitely another artist you should get to know.


The Seshen

Unravel (Lost Midas Remix)
Los Angeles, California

Getting a bit electro-acoustic-ish... Loving the dance vibe of this Lost Midas remix of Unravel, by The Seshen. You can just add this to the list of artists you should peruse when you get a chance. Jus'sayin'.


Jimetta Rose

Catch a Vibe
Los Angeles, California

I was so happy when I heard about this grand pairing of Los Angeles greatness, I couldn't wait to hear it! LA singer/songwriter, Jimetta Rose and artist/producer Georgia Anne Muldrow...??!! What?!?! The single is yet another grand LA soul record I'm grateful for. This "mini-lp", entitled Light Bearer, was written and produced in two weeks. Check it out!



Link Up
Los Angeles, California

Killin' it! Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge. Killin' it. .Paak has been killin' it and I love it! Off of the Stones Throw label, which always has something delicious... Grand groove.


Caligula 12"
Los Angeles, California

Speaking of electronic music, here is MNDR with a modern 80's electronic dance vibe!

tHumpday #4


This edition of Thumpday is so late, but better late than never!

This post has four delicious bits from the U.S. and England, covering chill-electronic, classic soul and everything between. As always, its indie only so support these artists if you love the music!


Latasha Lee

Do You
Austin, Texas

I wanted to start this one off right and hit you will this tasty bit of feel-good soul from Latasha Lee. Loving this tune, despite the number of times its been on repeat! Groovy.




Those who know me well know I tell no lies... so when I heard the beginning of this song I had a big "ummmmmmm" face. But... Then the beat dropped and flow came in and all that went away. The groove is hot and it's slathered in a decadent buttery flow on the verses. It's straight out of (and about?) Maryland! If you like this, you might want to check out other songs on this album, which appear to consist of sample driven grooves (I think) and grand flows.


Mal Devisa

Northhampton, MA

WOW! I LOVE THIS! The vibe of this woman's work really reminds me of this guy Randolph Williams in LA. I've been fantasizing about the musical children they could have if they linked up. But... I digress.

Loving this tune! It's just bass & vocals... So, so, so beautiful. And then... wait for it to drop! HOT!!!! If you like this, you need to go through this woman's catalog here and here ASAP!



Wolverhampton, UK

When I heard this taste of cool elecrtonic goondess, it reminded me of LA, the palm trees, it's city sunsets and skyscrapers. However, it's straight from Wolverhampton. Chill and headboppy!