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tHumpday #1

Welcome to tHumpday, a weekly post where I pick 4 or more hot indie tracks from artists all over the world. Future or Nu-Soul, electronica, chill, house, hiphop, Whatever I love, I post. Every Wednesday, starting today!

Those who know me well know I'm all about the indie artist. You know...the person or group that's not that major FM radio station (especially in the U.S.) that plays the same songs a million times all day every day. It's the person or group with no major label, but whose music is of a high caliber. Lend me your ear and check out this post every week. You might find something new and necessary.

Support these artists. They could use the support much more then (insert celebrity name here). With that said...

Anderson .Paak

from O.B.E. Vol. 1 by Anderson .Paak
Oxnard, California

This man blows up more after each release! Hard work pays off. From some time ago, a bit of older material from artist and producer, A.Paak.


Zaki Ibrahim

Draw The Line
from Every Opposite by Zaki Ibrahim
Johannesburg, South Africa

This woman has come so far and she keeps going... I'm a fan of Zaki, especially some of her house work... like this piece. A bit of electronic goodness from the woman with great range.


Jordan Rakei

Talk To Me
from Cloak by Jordan Rakei
Brisbane, Australia

This mans growing body of work seems to continue to take up more hard drive space...and this is a great thing. Talk To Me is a cool nu-jazz-ish piece, but if you like that, I encourage you to dig deeper and check out more of his work all over the internet.


Up Up We Go!

It's Alright
from Up Up We Go! EP by Up Up We Go!
New Orleans, Louisiana

We all need a bit of funky funk in our lives. Something like this would definitely be in my Sunday playlist.


James Tillman

Love Within
from Shangri La EP by James Tillman
New York, New York

Simply, beautiful... I really don't need to taint this piece with words.



That's it for this week. Let me know what you loved or hated in the comments below or get in touch! If you love what you hear, please support these artists. Without you, they cannot grow. Until the next time...

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