tHumpday 15 - New Music from the UK & US



Today on tHumpday we get into chill, soulful and slightly electronic vibes with artists from the United States and the United Kingdom!


YAZMIN LACEY // Nottingham, UK

First, if you don't see a play button just click on the image above. My kinda vibe, everyday all day. Soulful and chill. The title of this song is 90 Degrees and it comes from the 5 song EP entitled, When The Sun Dips 90 Degrees.  Great work! If you like this kind of music, but this song isn't worth your £1, I really don't know what is. Do a good deed and buy this song today!


CLARA KENT // Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I love when things come full circle and thrive. I remember hearing Clara on a song called White Sage which was featured on tHumpday #7 (a sign in itself) a couple of years ago. I'm happy to see she and the crew are still in the game. We all have a few things to go through on our journey. Stay focused and believe in yourself. Clara thinks so. I agree. Grind well.


SPACE INVADAS // Australia

Going back into time... Steve Spacec & Katalyst. Nuff said.



From the UK, William Florelle with As the Sun Sets... This song has a very cool electro-groove with a bit of waviness and the keen abaility to make the headbop!



That's it for this episode of tHumpday! See you next week with more groves from all over the world! You can also listen to tHumpday on Spotify.

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