tHumpday 14


Jazz Beats & Treats from Bandcamp!

Thumpday is back with beats and treats from artists all over the world on Bandcamp (and only on Bandcamp). Disclaimer: I dont get paid to do this. I have no affiliation with Bandcamp other than the fact that I sell my music on Bandcamp as well.

With that typed, let's get into a few gifts for your ears!

CECILY // Washington D.C.

So beautiful. So lovely. Minnie-Ripperton-esque-ish. Wash away yourself doubt with this goergeous piece of ear heaven from Cecily. Classic, acoustic...soulful. Wonderfully, melodic. Find your inner river and let it push you to where need to be.


MOSES SUMNEY // Los Angeles

Soft. Naked. Beautiful. Right before the three minute mark is a subtle change that pulls my heart strings. I'm so in love with the emptiness and movement of this piece of audible art. And the lyrics... Beautifully honest. Emotionally expressive.

I’m not somebody; somebody would savor us
You need a solid, but I’m made of liquid,
In me, I am the son of the sea
And I’ll call you when I feel finally free
I don’t know what we are
But all I know is I can’t go
Away with you with half a heart


Layers of jazzy dopeness in the pace of drum of drum in bass, but not in the style of drum and bass. Strings. Drums. Bass... and a bit of well effected trumpet! This track can take you places, if you would be so open. Strings of Light! If you like this, check out the album here.



Acapella. Dope. Well written. Nuff said, becuase if I keep writing, I'll feel like it's never enough. Check it out! be patient. It gets more magical after the intro, but the outro tho..................!

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Makes: chill, soulful beats & remixes!
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