tHumpday 18 - Jazz & Soul



Today we get into a bit of jazz and soul from all over the globe, along with a nice vocoded piece from the Phillipines and classic soul straight from Finland! That's right!


PHONY PPL // Brooklyn, NY

If you don't see a play button, just click on the image and listen. I Wish I Was a Chair, by Phony PPL. This dropped a few years ago, but I still think it's cute and groovy! You like me. I like you.


RHXANDERS // Manila, Philippines

From the EP entitled, questioning answers / answering questions, a vocoded ditty from the other side of the planet. #relationships. I also like It's Strange and the title track on this EP.


MALIKA TIROLIEN // Montréal, Québec

Silky for Sundays...and in French, of course.


ALLYSHA JOY / Melbourne, Australia

Keepin' it jazzy...but with a twist at the end. If anyone out there worships women, this is for you! Amen.


BOBBY OROZA / Helsinki, Finland

Closing it out with some classic soul from Finland. Should I take you home or should I telephone? Decisions. Life is is hard.


That's it for this episode of tHumpday! You can also listen to and follow tHumpday on Spotify! I'd like to thank all of the artists for contributing to the greater creative collective! See you next week with more groves from all over the world!

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