Birthday Cake! Celebrating with new music & drag queens!


A huge happy birthday to all the other Virgos in the world! May this additional time here bring you love, light, peace and much more happiness. May you find more love, peace and generocity in your heart for yourself and for others!

New Wine Drinking Music!

I worked a bit hard to mix this record (see above) to celebrate another year of existence on this planet, experiencing this thing we call life. I hope you like it! Staying true to the "coffee table jazz" vibe, it's cool, laid back and a bit melodic. It might be a while until this is on Apple Music and Spotify... Just sayin'. If you like it, buy it on Bandcamp or in the Man in a Loft store! Tell a friend who likes this kind of music! Spread the love!


I'm DJing a Dungeons & Drag Queens Party!

I'm playing all kinds of diva worthy deliciousness today, which is only suitable for anything with Drag Queens, even in the dungeon! It all goes down on a semi-isolated black sand beach. I'll be sippin' on something delicious while makin' asses shake! It's gotta be a favorite way to celebrate my anniversary of existance!

Bring your best Legolas
& your sexiest RuPaul.
Get your bikini wax done
& sharpen your swords.
Choose your wand
& tape up your mangina.

We have Man in a Loft playing music all day at the pool, plenty of creative and crazy costumes, make up artists, drag queens and all the chaos BJ can create, RuPaul would love it.
— The Driftwood

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