#tHumpday 19 - Heat



I’m feeling the selection in this weeks post! I hope you will too! As always, if you love it, buy it. And… You can always listen to and follow tHumpday on Spotify!


DENITIA // New York, NY

If you don't see a play button, just click on the image and listen. I’m feelin’ this piece by Denitia called, Distant. Loving the sparse and airy vibe of this track and it’s hard driven drums. Loving the melodies and harmonies. Hot. And the twist at the end. Nice!


KNXWLEDGE // Los Angeles, California

TuPac + Knxwledge * (remix). Nuff said.


ILL CAMILLE ft. Sha'leah Nikole & SIR / Los Angeles, California

Smooooooooooooooooooooooth…. with a bit of bop. This is a lovely piece from a greater whole. A wonderful album.


NAZAMBA / Jamaica

Changing things up a bit here… Eye and I vex! #Preach


That's it for this episode of tHumpday! You can also listen to and follow tHumpday on Spotify! I'd like to thank all of the artists for contributing to the greater creative collective! See you next week with more groves from all over the world!

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