True Story: I met a guy whose name no one knows

I met a guy whose name I can’t tell you, because no one seems to know his real name.

True Story

So... I met a guy and he told me about this genre of music called Vaporwave. I thought it was interesting. I was intrigued. I like all types of electronic music, but I never heard of it. After watching a number of Youtube videos and listening to various creations, I had an idea.

When the music drops, it's like a warm bath of sound. Insanely slow...weirdly wonky, yet appealing. Every time I listen to this, I just feel...relaxed. If you feel the same, or just feel like paying it forward today, support a traveling music explorer and click the buy button. I could really use your help!

This genre is highly sample driven, significantly slow, among other things. The associated artwork and comments often poke fun at a number of things. I like it.

I thought I'd sample my own material, just to see what it would sound like...

Who knew?

#SADE #REMIX + #HOUSEMUSIC [ #deephouse #afrohouse #house #stimulatedremix #maninaloft #losangeles #lahouse #losangeleshouse #atjazz #blackcoffee ]

I've been posting 15 seconds of some new tracks on Instagram
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There's a Sade remix/edit I'm dying to finish and a new original.  If you like Atjazz or Black Coffee, you might like the original FATE | DESTINY track.  It's a very smooth, sensual, chill, afro-esque house track with a bit of piano tinkling here and there. I'm considering vocals for it today.