tHumpday 9!!!

Hello, world. If you don't know, it's tHumpday, a weekly post consistently tempting you to decrease the storage space on your hard drive with indie music from around the world! I do this all for the love, not for no money or personal favors!  This week, we have a bit of everything... A little slow and sensual, a touch of jazz from Germany and a bit of chill and some



The Travelling Song // Bristol, UK

Mark. De. Clive. Lowe. Remix. --- Need I say more?



Music Madness (Tom Noble Remix) // Paris, France

Speaking of remixes, here is a Tom Noble remix of a classic Parisian disco gem. If you're open to the classic disco sound, I highly recommend you grace your ears with the original here.  The Violaaa Remix is another groovy arrangement of this tune with a cool break down and build up moment!


Good Life // Hanover, Germany

From the debut album of Seraleez entitled, Good Life, I bring you the title song, Good Life! Cool. Jazzy. Hailing from a country with great brown bread, Germany.



What We Had ft. Vanessa Elisha // London, UK

Getting low and slow with Break featuring Vanessa Elisha... What We Had. Slow bass music from London!



Cygnus // Silver Spring, Maryland

Sweetness from Maryland... There is nothing to fear. Stay open. No borders.