Pete Josef

tHumpday 9!!!

Hello, world. If you don't know, it's tHumpday, a weekly post consistently tempting you to decrease the storage space on your hard drive with indie music from around the world! I do this all for the love, not for no money or personal favors!  This week, we have a bit of everything... A little slow and sensual, a touch of jazz from Germany and a bit of chill and some



The Travelling Song // Bristol, UK

Mark. De. Clive. Lowe. Remix. --- Need I say more?



Music Madness (Tom Noble Remix) // Paris, France

Speaking of remixes, here is a Tom Noble remix of a classic Parisian disco gem. If you're open to the classic disco sound, I highly recommend you grace your ears with the original here.  The Violaaa Remix is another groovy arrangement of this tune with a cool break down and build up moment!


Good Life // Hanover, Germany

From the debut album of Seraleez entitled, Good Life, I bring you the title song, Good Life! Cool. Jazzy. Hailing from a country with great brown bread, Germany.



What We Had ft. Vanessa Elisha // London, UK

Getting low and slow with Break featuring Vanessa Elisha... What We Had. Slow bass music from London!



Cygnus // Silver Spring, Maryland

Sweetness from Maryland... There is nothing to fear. Stay open. No borders.

tHumpday #6

Soulful & Laidback!

This weeks post brings music from Bristol, New Zealand, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York. As always, if you're feeling any of these pieces, support the artist and click that blue buy button! Nothing says I like your song like a purchase! :)


Far Away
Los Angeles

Opening todays post with this soulful, feel good piece featuring Donald Hayes on sax and Joonie on guitar, bass and keys. I wonder who the singer is..? Get a little bit of escapism here.


Pete Josef

Move On
Bristol, UK

A very cool song from Pete Josef in Bristol. A soulful, piano driven piece, this song appears to be about a break up. Move on.


Tom Misch

Berlin, Germany

From a compilation on the Jakarta record label from Berlin, Germany, comes one of my favorite producers, Tom Mich. Love the words in the beginning. Do it for the love and all else will follow.



Paradise Descended
New York, New York

A lovely instrumental from BIGYUKI in New York. Vocals by Hannah Macklin with Randy Runyon on guitar and Bigyuki on keys, synth and bass.



Shine On
New Zealand

From New York to New Zealand, we close out with Ladi6 and her hip-hop-R&B ditty called Shine On.