tHumpday #3

This week we get slow and chill with seven songs from an eclectic selection of artists from around the world. As always, if you like what you hear, support these indie artists. Without you their musical journey cannot continue. Enjoy.


Love You
from Seven Sundays by SiR

I thought I'd set the tone of this weeks post with this. Loving it.


Ready 2 Go
from Pillow Talk EP by Tiffany Gouché
Los Angeles, CA

I still replay a favorite from her last EP over and over again. I'm sure I'll post that next week, but for now I'm really loving the sparse nature of this piece.



Leave Love Be feat. Alex Isley (wsg Moonchild)
from XII by Brandon Williams
Detroit, Michigan

Smoothing it out is Leave Love Be from Brandon Williams. Loving the strings and closing of this piece. Elegant and sweet.



Love Is Real
from Seasons EP by Moods
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Chill with a portion of head bop.



Let It Go (Compton's Soul mix)
from Let It Go by Celestine
Bristol, UK

This is the kind of thing that I would put in my Sunday playlist, which contains a number of jazz, soul and chill classics, as well as modern gems. The original version of this is cool, but I really like the vibe of the Compton Soul mix, by the infamous Andy Compton.



My Absolute
from Seeing Her Naked EP by Mar

Soft. Slow. Sensual. This is a sensual, electronic R&B piece from Amsterdam artist, Mar. Simple and deep.



from Rush EP by Menik .feat Lylli

Do you love Esthero? Res? If you don't know these people, please immediately access your favorite search engine and look for "Esthero Superheroes". Get back to me. The production and feeling of this song reminds me of that body of work. I'm definitely feeling this. Very chill.