latasha lee

tHumpday #4


This edition of Thumpday is so late, but better late than never!

This post has four delicious bits from the U.S. and England, covering chill-electronic, classic soul and everything between. As always, its indie only so support these artists if you love the music!


Latasha Lee

Do You
Austin, Texas

I wanted to start this one off right and hit you will this tasty bit of feel-good soul from Latasha Lee. Loving this tune, despite the number of times its been on repeat! Groovy.




Those who know me well know I tell no lies... so when I heard the beginning of this song I had a big "ummmmmmm" face. But... Then the beat dropped and flow came in and all that went away. The groove is hot and it's slathered in a decadent buttery flow on the verses. It's straight out of (and about?) Maryland! If you like this, you might want to check out other songs on this album, which appear to consist of sample driven grooves (I think) and grand flows.


Mal Devisa

Northhampton, MA

WOW! I LOVE THIS! The vibe of this woman's work really reminds me of this guy Randolph Williams in LA. I've been fantasizing about the musical children they could have if they linked up. But... I digress.

Loving this tune! It's just bass & vocals... So, so, so beautiful. And then... wait for it to drop! HOT!!!! If you like this, you need to go through this woman's catalog here and here ASAP!



Wolverhampton, UK

When I heard this taste of cool elecrtonic goondess, it reminded me of LA, the palm trees, it's city sunsets and skyscrapers. However, it's straight from Wolverhampton. Chill and headboppy!