Looking for my music?

I consider myself to be a blessed and lucky man. Recently people have been writing me and asking me where they can find the music from the beautiful VSCO 23.5 film, Kyoto 23.5 or where they can find the music they recently heard on KCRW.

First... THANK YOU! Thank you for reaching out and contacting me. I am always pleasantly surprised to hear how the music has moved others.

Second, have no fear. All of that music will be released this month.


This calendar will be updated in the near future to include all Lofty Recordings releases, including those from Antigua Deep, Wine Drinking Music and Jamila. Eventually, I'll put up a release calendar page, but you can find the calendar in the sidebar to right for now.

I'm reallllllllly excited about the release of Letters to Kyoto. I sincerely hope you enjoy it!