Letters to Kyoto: Music from Kyoto - Out tomorrow!

I am happy to present this record.

This record features 8 originals, one in two parts. It consists of all the music in the film and a couple tracks that didn't make it.

Some of the pieces where existing pieces created prior to the film, while others were made specifically for Kyoto (the film). One such piece is, Into the Night, which features the lovely vocals of Emi Ogura and production with fellow NJ artist/songwriter, Devin Crosby.


Looking for my music?

I consider myself to be a blessed and lucky man. Recently people have been writing me and asking me where they can find the music from the beautiful VSCO 23.5 film, Kyoto 23.5 or where they can find the music they recently heard on KCRW.

First... THANK YOU! Thank you for reaching out and contacting me. I am always pleasantly surprised to hear how the music has moved others.

Second, have no fear. All of that music will be released this month.


This calendar will be updated in the near future to include all Lofty Recordings releases, including those from Antigua Deep, Wine Drinking Music and Jamila. Eventually, I'll put up a release calendar page, but you can find the calendar in the sidebar to right for now.

I'm reallllllllly excited about the release of Letters to Kyoto. I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

True Story: I met a guy whose name no one knows

I met a guy whose name I can’t tell you, because no one seems to know his real name.

True Story

So... I met a guy and he told me about this genre of music called Vaporwave. I thought it was interesting. I was intrigued. I like all types of electronic music, but I never heard of it. After watching a number of Youtube videos and listening to various creations, I had an idea.

When the music drops, it's like a warm bath of sound. Insanely slow...weirdly wonky, yet appealing. Every time I listen to this, I just feel...relaxed. If you feel the same, or just feel like paying it forward today, support a traveling music explorer and click the buy button. I could really use your help!

This genre is highly sample driven, significantly slow, among other things. The associated artwork and comments often poke fun at a number of things. I like it.

I thought I'd sample my own material, just to see what it would sound like...

Who knew?

Out now! Man in a Loft, Jamila, Antigua Deep!

It's official! We have some catalog releases on #Traxsource and a new release on #Bandcamp! Check them out!

Made to Order Love / Antigua Deep

A slow building, sexy, Disclosure-like house track featuring Los Angeles singer/songwriter, Jamila. This release includes the ever so chill, original demo version of this tune, which charted at #5 on the Traxsource Essential Lounge chart.

Love is Sexy / Jamila
It was fun making this many great experiences. This EP contains Feeling Friendly, dubbed one of the best new songs of 2014 by Chris Campbell of WDET's Progressive Underground radio show out of Detroit. I really like the break down in that song. It reminds me of Sweetback/Sade. It also contains Crazy, dubbed as a modern future music tune made yesterday (though its years old) by Complexion, from the Future Beats radio show.

Burn Slow / Man in a Loft
This is an interlude I made some time ago. It has a unique combination of acoustic piano an electric piano, two things I wouldn't normally put together. People have asked me to extend this. day. For those of you who don't want to cough up $$$ for this record, it's also available for free on NoiseTrade and Bandcamp!

As always, your support is critical to this artistic movement. Without you, all this music might as well be silence!

One Love,
Man in a Loft

New Releases Drop Tomorrow!

My jazzy, little interlude, Burn Slow will be available on Traxsource on Monday, November 23rd. Jamila's EP, Love is Sexy, will also be available on Traxsource that day!

Also on Monday, Antigua Deeps remix of Made to Order Love drops on Bandcamp. The release features the original chill demo by Jamila, produced by yours truly, Man in a Loft, as well as a cool house remix by Antigua Deep. The demo version hit #5 on Traxsources Essential Lounge chart!

Check it out!


The thing about music that amazes me is the familiarity I have with my creations (I listen to them a million times before they're released), but the timelessness it appears to have to the listeners. This track is a great example of that! This is one of the first tracks I've made after going "indie" and it was able to hit the middle of the charts a couple of weeks ago. So unexpected.

A couple of months ago, Crazy, another song I did with Jamila was featured on a future music podcast called The Future Beats show. Complexion, the host, goes on to talk about how the track sounds like it was made yesterday, but it's actually a few years old.

AMAZING! You never know.

Made to Order Love is currently available on Traxsource and drops on Bandcamp on November 23rd. Crazy is currently available on Bandcamp and Traxsource.

Made to Order Love Hits #5 on Traxsource Chart

The Original Demo version of Made to Order Love placed at #5 on Traxsources Essential Lounge chart for November 9th. We are are flattered.  Not only did this release make the Essential Lounge chart for the week, but it was also prominently featured on the Lounge/Chillout section of the website. We are grateful! Thank you #Traxsource!

Made to Order Love is currently available as a promo release on It features a chill/chillout, laidback demo of the original idea, written and sung by Los Angeles singer/songwriter, Jamila and produced by yours truly, Man in a Loft. If also features an interesting upbeat house remix by Antigua Deep.  Take a listen!