In case you missed it...

Jamila preformed LIVE on Truthseekers Radio (90.7 FM KPFK, Los Angeles) on her birthday, February 1st.  The set starts about an hour into the show and includes song from the upcoming EP, Love is Sexy.  Check it out!


More to Come!
Man in a Loft


PS: Singles currently Available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon! It's a good way to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  :)





TONIGHT, live on Truthseekers Radio (90.7 FM) in Los Angeles, Jamila will be performing some of the songs from her upcoming EP, Love is Sexy.  I just took a listen to the rehearsal recordings and I HIGHLY recommend you tune in and listen. The show starts at MIDNIGHT, pacific time. So... if you're up, online and/or doing your social media thing, why not let this be your evenings soundtrack?


Backed by some phenomenal, professional and [censored]-fantastic musicians, the music feels and sounds a bit Sade'esque, mellow, sensual, chill and sexy with Jamila's smooth vocals gracefully dancing on top.  I like


I'll be listening. Join me!  I'd love to know what you think or tweet.


The EP drops on February 14th on and February 17th everywhere else. Singles are available now!  Thank you for supporting INDIE MUSIC!