New Releases Drop Tomorrow!

My jazzy, little interlude, Burn Slow will be available on Traxsource on Monday, November 23rd. Jamila's EP, Love is Sexy, will also be available on Traxsource that day!

Also on Monday, Antigua Deeps remix of Made to Order Love drops on Bandcamp. The release features the original chill demo by Jamila, produced by yours truly, Man in a Loft, as well as a cool house remix by Antigua Deep. The demo version hit #5 on Traxsources Essential Lounge chart!

Check it out!


The thing about music that amazes me is the familiarity I have with my creations (I listen to them a million times before they're released), but the timelessness it appears to have to the listeners. This track is a great example of that! This is one of the first tracks I've made after going "indie" and it was able to hit the middle of the charts a couple of weeks ago. So unexpected.

A couple of months ago, Crazy, another song I did with Jamila was featured on a future music podcast called The Future Beats show. Complexion, the host, goes on to talk about how the track sounds like it was made yesterday, but it's actually a few years old.

AMAZING! You never know.

Made to Order Love is currently available on Traxsource and drops on Bandcamp on November 23rd. Crazy is currently available on Bandcamp and Traxsource.

Made to Order Love Hits #5 on Traxsource Chart

The Original Demo version of Made to Order Love placed at #5 on Traxsources Essential Lounge chart for November 9th. We are are flattered.  Not only did this release make the Essential Lounge chart for the week, but it was also prominently featured on the Lounge/Chillout section of the website. We are grateful! Thank you #Traxsource!

Made to Order Love is currently available as a promo release on Traxsource.com. It features a chill/chillout, laidback demo of the original idea, written and sung by Los Angeles singer/songwriter, Jamila and produced by yours truly, Man in a Loft. If also features an interesting upbeat house remix by Antigua Deep.  Take a listen!

Made to Order Love in Stores!

Made to order love is currently available on Traxsource.com. The release features the original, chill demo written and performed by Los Angeles singer/songwirter, Jamila and produced by Man in a Loft.  It also includes a house remix by Antigua Deep. If you like Disclosure type house or chillout future music, you might want to take a listen. This release will drop on Bandcamp on Novemeber 23rd.


Chris Campbell. WDET Progressive Underground. Sundays 8-11 pm EST on 101.9 9 FM WDET and wdet.org

Chris Campbell. WDET Progressive Underground. Sundays 8-11 pm EST on 101.9 9 FM WDET and wdet.org

I'd like to take this time to thank Chris Campbell for consistently supporting Jamila and I by playing our record(s) numerous times, week after week, on his Progressive Underground show via Detriot's WDET 101.9FM.  I'm honored to be played right alongside all the other more known/popular talent such as the Thundercat, Atjazz, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Kim Hill, Dwele, Madlib, Blue Six and the thousands of others!

If you're looking for interesting music, I suggest you tune in [TONIGHT!]: Sundays 8-11 pm EST | 101.9.FM in Detroit or wdet.org.

If you're looking for Jamila's songs, look no further: