On KCRW Again! =) + Advanced Copies!


These days, I'm quite motivated and grateful!

SEM 3: Waves, one of the tracks from my upcoming EP, entitled Sensual Electronic Music (July 22nd), aired on KCRW again a few days ago! I'm a true believer in celebrating life and giving. In celebration of all of these recent blessings, I'm giving away an advanced copy of SEM 3: Waves. If you want an advanced copy of the song, simply sign up to my email list via the button below before July 16th! Maybe I'll throw in another piece or two :) ! FYI, I rarely send emails. =)

Not only did they play my song, but they also played Antigua Deeps, War of the Edit. The message in that tune really resonates with me, being a struggling artist and all (no exaggeration). If you are a creative person, make the art you love. That is the point, the path...the way. If you are alive, live or create the life you love!

Slightly off topic, Antigua Deep has a song dropping in the near future called, She is the Poem. I'm really excited about that as well! In my mind, it is true... She is the poem and we will recite her vowels, consonants and curved punctuation with the utmost precision and grace she deserves...in praise and tribute!

If you find that to statement to be a bit confusing, you'll get it when you hear it!

Until the next time,