The Sade House Remix

Have you heard the remix of this Sade classic? It just aired on the Aaron Byrd Show on KCRW in Los Angeles!!!

Antigua Deep penned, War of the Edit, an edit/remix of one of the many loved Sade songs, War of the Hearts. Loving the words in the middle of the song. This pieces is very percussive and even though the four is on the floor, it's still ever so Sade'esque.

From Antigua to Los Angeles, it's nice to be listed among so many phenomenal creators. There is a lot of hotness on the show!! Plus the theme or sentiment of the show is quite timely.

I believe being on a public radio station makes me a public servant. So when the country endures tragedies like the ones we’ve experienced the last couple of days, it is my responsibility to use my platform to reflect the sentiments of many. I attempted to do so with my show last night.”
— Aaron Byrd

Check out the show here. War of the Edit is nicely blended in around the 1:45 mark. The show will only be up until Next Thursday (I think).

Antigua deep will be releasing what I think it is a quality record called, She is the Poem in August via Lofty Recordings. Stay tuned!

New Release: Sensual Electronic Music

Sensual Electronic Music!

Out now!

This is my third official release, the second of this year. It contains 5 tracks of chill, sexy, laid back electronic music.

The featured track, Sem 3 :: Waves, has been getting a lot of radio love, namely from KCRW in Los Angeles. It's a favorite of mine and I can't tell you how happy I am to know it's being heard by human beings!

Some of the bonus tracks come from my last release, Letters to Kyoto, a score from the two part film entitled, Kyoto, by 23.5.

Please LISTEN & SHare

Proceeds from the sale of these tracks will help me keep the studio lights on and acquire the equipment I need to do live shows and expand my sonic capabilities. Available on Bandcamp or in the Man in a Loft store!

On KCRW Again! =) + Advanced Copies!


These days, I'm quite motivated and grateful!

SEM 3: Waves, one of the tracks from my upcoming EP, entitled Sensual Electronic Music (July 22nd), aired on KCRW again a few days ago! I'm a true believer in celebrating life and giving. In celebration of all of these recent blessings, I'm giving away an advanced copy of SEM 3: Waves. If you want an advanced copy of the song, simply sign up to my email list via the button below before July 16th! Maybe I'll throw in another piece or two :) ! FYI, I rarely send emails. =)

Not only did they play my song, but they also played Antigua Deeps, War of the Edit. The message in that tune really resonates with me, being a struggling artist and all (no exaggeration). If you are a creative person, make the art you love. That is the point, the path...the way. If you are alive, live or create the life you love!

Slightly off topic, Antigua Deep has a song dropping in the near future called, She is the Poem. I'm really excited about that as well! In my mind, it is true... She is the poem and we will recite her vowels, consonants and curved punctuation with the utmost precision and grace she deserves...in praise and tribute!

If you find that to statement to be a bit confusing, you'll get it when you hear it!

Until the next time,

I'm on KCRW! #LA #LosAngeles

Following the wake of bad luck mentioned in a prior post, more good things seem to happen! Somehow I missed the fact that I was on KCRW June 22nd!

KCRW: June 22nd, 2016

I'd like to thank Garth Trinidad for not only playing one, but TWO of my joints on June 22nd, via Los Angeles's infamous radio station, KCRW. I'm happy he rocked SEM 3: Waves, a song from my upcoming EP entitled, Sensual Electronic Music.  I expect to release that EP on July, 22nd on Bandcamp.

Um... Being in a line up with Earth, Wind & Fire, Prince, A Race of Angeles and Azelia Banks is a bit... I'm not sure of the word, but its a positive version of weird and flattering!

KCRW: June 22nd, 2016

He also rocked, I Wish I Was Heartless, the remix by yours truly and Wine Drinking Music. Wow! One day, I'm going to have to make a radio edit for that song. It's over 6 minutes long!

I remember when I lived on the east coast, through the help of a friend and some networking, I happened to get a lot of love from a particular New Yorkradio station. I was so exited. Years later, after moving to LA, I learned about KCRW and fell in love with their programming. At the time, Garth was spinning a show called, Chocolate City. I loved it and many of the other music programs. There was so much eclectic music to learn about. My goal was get on KCRW before I left the west coast. Ha!

All things unfurl as they should, but I'd love to get in the hands of Gilles Peterson next! =)