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Thumpday 12!!!

Cyber-REGGAE. Cyber-DUB. Cyber Alternative stuff and... cyber-house!

Hey! Did you survive Black Friday and CyberMonday?!?!? I swear, it's that time of year that reminds of The Purge, where all of your fellow citizens go out to kill one another over alleged deals on (meaningless) material items. If you made it, I hope you're still in the shopping spirit, because it's tHumpday, where I bring you hot music by indie artists who could use a purchase or two as well!

Today, we're a bit like crazed shoppers trying to find the right aisle during those infamous shopping events... We're all over the place. We have some good vibe reggae, house with a message, a cool alternative piece and... Thunder.

tHumpday #2!

Thumpday #2!

Back again with lots of indie deliciousness, from the likes of James Tillman, Sam Trump and more!


So nice, I had to put him in twice. I also mentioned this artist in Thumpday 1, James Tillman, people! James Tillman! I love the EP, but this is another favorite called, And Then.

They say music, like any art, can be healing. It's no wonder why I love this Sam Trump piece! With so much going on in the black community for the past... oh... I dunno how many decades... after a while you just stop counting... I thought this song was beautiful and timely. I know quite a few "positive" songs that people used to make back in the day, before everything turned into songs about bitches, ho's, drugs, killing and crime. I'm so happy to hear music like this today. I hope this is a movement. #noTrends

This is just the intro. A voice and a stringed instrument. Simple. Honest. Beautiful.

So chill, smooth and with a bit of head knock... Straight out of the UK... (or is it England now?), Ash Walker's Augmented 7th.

Ehhhhhhhhhhhh! I love this joint!