tHumpday #2!

Thumpday #2!

Back again with lots of indie deliciousness, from the likes of James Tillman, Sam Trump and more!


So nice, I had to put him in twice. I also mentioned this artist in Thumpday 1, James Tillman, people! James Tillman! I love the EP, but this is another favorite called, And Then.

They say music, like any art, can be healing. It's no wonder why I love this Sam Trump piece! With so much going on in the black community for the past... oh... I dunno how many decades... after a while you just stop counting... I thought this song was beautiful and timely. I know quite a few "positive" songs that people used to make back in the day, before everything turned into songs about bitches, ho's, drugs, killing and crime. I'm so happy to hear music like this today. I hope this is a movement. #noTrends

This is just the intro. A voice and a stringed instrument. Simple. Honest. Beautiful.

So chill, smooth and with a bit of head knock... Straight out of the UK... (or is it England now?), Ash Walker's Augmented 7th.

Ehhhhhhhhhhhh! I love this joint!

A Bandcamp Bestseller!

I'd like to thank all of the wonderful people who recently purchased I Wish I Was Heartless, by Wine Drinking Music! After my phase of bad luck, I am so grateful for your support! Because of you, I Wish I Was Heartless was one of the top 8 best selling Nu Jazz records on Bandcamp!

Thank you so much for your support!

Out now! Man in a Loft, Jamila, Antigua Deep!

It's official! We have some catalog releases on #Traxsource and a new release on #Bandcamp! Check them out!

Made to Order Love / Antigua Deep

A slow building, sexy, Disclosure-like house track featuring Los Angeles singer/songwriter, Jamila. This release includes the ever so chill, original demo version of this tune, which charted at #5 on the Traxsource Essential Lounge chart.

Love is Sexy / Jamila
It was fun making this many great experiences. This EP contains Feeling Friendly, dubbed one of the best new songs of 2014 by Chris Campbell of WDET's Progressive Underground radio show out of Detroit. I really like the break down in that song. It reminds me of Sweetback/Sade. It also contains Crazy, dubbed as a modern future music tune made yesterday (though its years old) by Complexion, from the Future Beats radio show.

Burn Slow / Man in a Loft
This is an interlude I made some time ago. It has a unique combination of acoustic piano an electric piano, two things I wouldn't normally put together. People have asked me to extend this. day. For those of you who don't want to cough up $$$ for this record, it's also available for free on NoiseTrade and Bandcamp!

As always, your support is critical to this artistic movement. Without you, all this music might as well be silence!

One Love,
Man in a Loft

New Releases Drop Tomorrow!

My jazzy, little interlude, Burn Slow will be available on Traxsource on Monday, November 23rd. Jamila's EP, Love is Sexy, will also be available on Traxsource that day!

Also on Monday, Antigua Deeps remix of Made to Order Love drops on Bandcamp. The release features the original chill demo by Jamila, produced by yours truly, Man in a Loft, as well as a cool house remix by Antigua Deep. The demo version hit #5 on Traxsources Essential Lounge chart!

Check it out!

Lofty Recordings ::Release Schedule::

The Lofty Recordings release schedule is now available.  We're hoping to have some additions in the next two weeks! We're releasing our entire catalog and two exclusive promos on Traxsource. Our existing releases are on the Lofty Recordings Bandcamp page. 


October 26
Crazy: The Single

November 09
Antigua Deep ft Jamila
Made to Order Love
Exclusive Promo

Feeling Friendly

November 23
Man in a Loft
Burn Slow v.03

Love is Sexy

December 07
Antigua Deep
Exclusive Promo


November 23
Antigua Dee ft Jamila
Made to Order Love

December 21
Antigua Deep

Lofty Recordings Now on Bandcamp


The Label is now on Bandcamp!!!

Lofty Recordings is now up on Bandcamp. Our official catalog of releases are available for purchase! As always, your purchase makes a difference!

New releases are dropping in November and December, with hopes of new additions before 2016. Here are a couple of releases from our growing catalog: