VSCO & 23.5 Present the Kyoto Soundtrack!

I've been meaning to blog about this for some time, but I've been juggling a number of things.

VSCO and 23.5 present the soundtrack for the film KYOTO by director Alan Algee, featuring 11 tracks by yours truly and Gifted & Blessed! If you have a moment please read the piece about the soundtrack here. It contains a bit about the creators, the music and how the pieces mesh with the visual content. :)

Among a number of wonderful pieces, the soundtrack contains an original composition entitled,  "Into The Night" by Devin Crosby and myself, featuring vocalist, Emi Ogura. That piece really came about in a very natural and random way. =) It features live recordings of Emi singing while walking the streets of Kyoto.

You can hear that and the entire Kyoto soundtrack here! .

I'm happy to have had the opportunity to participate in this project. I'd like to thank VSCO, 23.5, Alan, Devin, Emi and the entire team!!!

Out Now - Letters to Kyoto

It's official!

Letters to Kyoto is now available on Bandcamp! For those of you who don't know, Letters to Kyoto is my portion of the score to the two part VSCO 23.5 original entitled, Kyoto.

It's a beautiful film, directed by a man whose work I love, Alan Algee.

When Alan approached me and told me about this project, I was actually concerned. No... I was quite afraid. I've had a significant interest all things Japanese, the culture, the food, the way(s) of seeing life... I really didn't now if I could or should score a film about a place I've loved from afar, a place I've never set foot in, a place that is quite foreign in many, many ways. In brief layman terms, Japan is deep and I wasn't sure if I could or should tread those waters.

But... I said, yes! After all, very few good decisions are made under the influence of fear.

The pieces in Letters to Kyoto are like letters to a love I have longed to meet, whose lips I have only dreamed of kissing, whose touch has remained a mystery to me, even now. Some of these pieces were existing tracks and ideas, while others were specifically written for the film. I've also included some pieces that didn't make the cut. :)

Alan and a crew of wonderful and talented human beings have put together two films that are quite poetic. I'm honored to be part of this project, even more honored that I was even considered to participate. Part 2 will be released on July 9th! Be sure to check it out!

If you enjoy any of the music in this film, please help me continue my creative journey by buying any or all of the music!

I make music, but without listeners like you it's just silence!


Letters to Kyoto: Music from Kyoto - Out tomorrow!

I am happy to present this record.

This record features 8 originals, one in two parts. It consists of all the music in the film and a couple tracks that didn't make it.

Some of the pieces where existing pieces created prior to the film, while others were made specifically for Kyoto (the film). One such piece is, Into the Night, which features the lovely vocals of Emi Ogura and production with fellow NJ artist/songwriter, Devin Crosby.


25 Reasons to watch Kyoto

I have 25 wordless reasons you should watch Kyoto. It's really simple. Without any retouching, editing or enhancing, I give you 25 tidbits of visual motivation to watch this VSCO 23.5 original by, Alan Algee.

Watch the film here!

Part II of this film comes out on July 9th!!! My portion of the score for parts 1 and 2 of this film comes out this Friday, July 8th, on Lofty Recordings. If any of the pieces move you, please support me. No gesture will go unappreciated.

The Kyoto Trailer

It's official. The Kyoto trailer is out! There are a lot of wonderful visuals in this film. I hope you enjoy it!

The more I began to immerse myself in Japan ‘s visual language the more I began to pull back and allow the moments to speak for themselves.
— Alan Algee

Out of respect for all those involved, I did not embed the trailer here. Please click here to watch the trailer now! Part 1 comes out tomorrow. You can check it out, along with much more, at VSCO 23.5!

Kyoto :: Out JULY 2nd!

I’ve been planning to shoot this exact story ever since I moved to Kyoto. From my foreigners perspective, it’s a true challenge to capture an authentic account without coming across as a hypnotized tourist.I have been able to understand the subtle nuances of Kyoto those living vibration. I see this film as a film not only for VSCO but for Japan. A film that brings a balance of nostalgia and contemporary critique..I have assembled a team of voices to help me strengthen not only a sublime Visual account but a unique and philosophical one.”
— Alan Algee

It's an honor to be a part of this wonderful project for VSCO 23.5, a VSCO Original title that explores global cultural perspectives, and just how dynamic and rich the human experience can be.

The score is by yours truly and Gifted & Blessed. The film is in two parts and part 1 will be released on July 2nd! I'm not sure if that's the Kyoto date. That would mean July 1st for people in the Americas. My score will be available the following week on July, 8th. The score entitled, Letters to Kyoto, features a wonderful collaboration between Devin Crosby, Emi Ogura and myself, entitled, Into the Night. I hope you like it! JULY 8th on Lofty Recordings!

“KYOTO” will explore the city as a character, tracing a through line from the ancient to the contemporary. Going levels beyond a travelogue or city guide experience the film and photography will unpack Kyoto via an immersive, experiential film essay approach (ex. Sans Soleil ) as told by expat American filmmaker Alan Algee, who has been living in Kyoto for that past two years, and as an outsider has been experiencing Kyoto through a lens that's both curious and effected.

Be sure to check out Kyoto!