New Release: Sensual Electronic Music

Sensual Electronic Music!

Out now!

This is my third official release, the second of this year. It contains 5 tracks of chill, sexy, laid back electronic music.

The featured track, Sem 3 :: Waves, has been getting a lot of radio love, namely from KCRW in Los Angeles. It's a favorite of mine and I can't tell you how happy I am to know it's being heard by human beings!

Some of the bonus tracks come from my last release, Letters to Kyoto, a score from the two part film entitled, Kyoto, by 23.5.

Please LISTEN & SHare

Proceeds from the sale of these tracks will help me keep the studio lights on and acquire the equipment I need to do live shows and expand my sonic capabilities. Available on Bandcamp or in the Man in a Loft store!

Out Now - Letters to Kyoto

It's official!

Letters to Kyoto is now available on Bandcamp! For those of you who don't know, Letters to Kyoto is my portion of the score to the two part VSCO 23.5 original entitled, Kyoto.

It's a beautiful film, directed by a man whose work I love, Alan Algee.

When Alan approached me and told me about this project, I was actually concerned. No... I was quite afraid. I've had a significant interest all things Japanese, the culture, the food, the way(s) of seeing life... I really didn't now if I could or should score a film about a place I've loved from afar, a place I've never set foot in, a place that is quite foreign in many, many ways. In brief layman terms, Japan is deep and I wasn't sure if I could or should tread those waters.

But... I said, yes! After all, very few good decisions are made under the influence of fear.

The pieces in Letters to Kyoto are like letters to a love I have longed to meet, whose lips I have only dreamed of kissing, whose touch has remained a mystery to me, even now. Some of these pieces were existing tracks and ideas, while others were specifically written for the film. I've also included some pieces that didn't make the cut. :)

Alan and a crew of wonderful and talented human beings have put together two films that are quite poetic. I'm honored to be part of this project, even more honored that I was even considered to participate. Part 2 will be released on July 9th! Be sure to check it out!

If you enjoy any of the music in this film, please help me continue my creative journey by buying any or all of the music!

I make music, but without listeners like you it's just silence!


Letters to Kyoto: Music from Kyoto - Out tomorrow!

I am happy to present this record.

This record features 8 originals, one in two parts. It consists of all the music in the film and a couple tracks that didn't make it.

Some of the pieces where existing pieces created prior to the film, while others were made specifically for Kyoto (the film). One such piece is, Into the Night, which features the lovely vocals of Emi Ogura and production with fellow NJ artist/songwriter, Devin Crosby.


New Releases Drop Tomorrow!

My jazzy, little interlude, Burn Slow will be available on Traxsource on Monday, November 23rd. Jamila's EP, Love is Sexy, will also be available on Traxsource that day!

Also on Monday, Antigua Deeps remix of Made to Order Love drops on Bandcamp. The release features the original chill demo by Jamila, produced by yours truly, Man in a Loft, as well as a cool house remix by Antigua Deep. The demo version hit #5 on Traxsources Essential Lounge chart!

Check it out!


The thing about music that amazes me is the familiarity I have with my creations (I listen to them a million times before they're released), but the timelessness it appears to have to the listeners. This track is a great example of that! This is one of the first tracks I've made after going "indie" and it was able to hit the middle of the charts a couple of weeks ago. So unexpected.

A couple of months ago, Crazy, another song I did with Jamila was featured on a future music podcast called The Future Beats show. Complexion, the host, goes on to talk about how the track sounds like it was made yesterday, but it's actually a few years old.

AMAZING! You never know.

Made to Order Love is currently available on Traxsource and drops on Bandcamp on November 23rd. Crazy is currently available on Bandcamp and Traxsource.

Made to Order Love Hits #5 on Traxsource Chart

The Original Demo version of Made to Order Love placed at #5 on Traxsources Essential Lounge chart for November 9th. We are are flattered.  Not only did this release make the Essential Lounge chart for the week, but it was also prominently featured on the Lounge/Chillout section of the website. We are grateful! Thank you #Traxsource!

Made to Order Love is currently available as a promo release on It features a chill/chillout, laidback demo of the original idea, written and sung by Los Angeles singer/songwriter, Jamila and produced by yours truly, Man in a Loft. If also features an interesting upbeat house remix by Antigua Deep.  Take a listen!