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A Bandcamp Bestseller!

I'd like to thank all of the wonderful people who recently purchased I Wish I Was Heartless, by Wine Drinking Music! After my phase of bad luck, I am so grateful for your support! Because of you, I Wish I Was Heartless was one of the top 8 best selling Nu Jazz records on Bandcamp!

Thank you so much for your support!

I'm on KCRW! #LA #LosAngeles

Following the wake of bad luck mentioned in a prior post, more good things seem to happen! Somehow I missed the fact that I was on KCRW June 22nd!

KCRW: June 22nd, 2016

I'd like to thank Garth Trinidad for not only playing one, but TWO of my joints on June 22nd, via Los Angeles's infamous radio station, KCRW. I'm happy he rocked SEM 3: Waves, a song from my upcoming EP entitled, Sensual Electronic Music.  I expect to release that EP on July, 22nd on Bandcamp.

Um... Being in a line up with Earth, Wind & Fire, Prince, A Race of Angeles and Azelia Banks is a bit... I'm not sure of the word, but its a positive version of weird and flattering!

KCRW: June 22nd, 2016

He also rocked, I Wish I Was Heartless, the remix by yours truly and Wine Drinking Music. Wow! One day, I'm going to have to make a radio edit for that song. It's over 6 minutes long!

I remember when I lived on the east coast, through the help of a friend and some networking, I happened to get a lot of love from a particular New Yorkradio station. I was so exited. Years later, after moving to LA, I learned about KCRW and fell in love with their programming. At the time, Garth was spinning a show called, Chocolate City. I loved it and many of the other music programs. There was so much eclectic music to learn about. My goal was get on KCRW before I left the west coast. Ha!

All things unfurl as they should, but I'd love to get in the hands of Gilles Peterson next! =)

BRAND NEW: Wine Drinking Music!

Jazz hands! Jazz hands!

I'm happy to announce a new project I've been working on called, Wine Drinking Music. What's Wine Drinking Music? Is it music you want to hear with you favorite bottle of vino?  I hope so!

Wine Drinking Music is an "acoustic", somber, mellow, cool jazz project I've been quietly working on.  It's emotive, with a hint of melancholy...perhaps bittersweet is a better word. Akin to a three piece jazz trio, most of the songs are simply drums, upright bass and piano. The first single drops February 12th, but you can pre-order now!

The vibe reminds me of Sundays, dinner gatherings and intimate moments with a good bottle and a friend. It's my idea of the soundtrack to whatever you're doing after you remove the cork from a bottle, be it something for now or something you've been saving for a special occasion.

The first single is called, I Wish I Was Heartless. This tune was the result of feelings after an argument. It has nothing to do with being cold, unkind or negative, but more so the desire to rid oneself of all the tension and feelings of conflict that we often have right after these moments. It's the spark of love in the midst of a temporary war... It's frustration and confusion...How did we get here? It's the longing for peace in a heart-space full of mixed emotions and turmoil. It's the sound of one sitting in a room, reflecting on the past, hoping for a loving future and considering this present moment...with a full glass.

It's pensive and familiar. We've all had our share of storms and disasters. 

Be cool.

wine drinking music

Wine Drinking Music
Drums: Heartbot
Bass: Deeper Connections
Keys: Man in a Loft

Twitter: @musicwithwine