True Story: I met a guy whose name no one knows

I met a guy whose name I can’t tell you, because no one seems to know his real name.

True Story

So... I met a guy and he told me about this genre of music called Vaporwave. I thought it was interesting. I was intrigued. I like all types of electronic music, but I never heard of it. After watching a number of Youtube videos and listening to various creations, I had an idea.

When the music drops, it's like a warm bath of sound. Insanely slow...weirdly wonky, yet appealing. Every time I listen to this, I just feel...relaxed. If you feel the same, or just feel like paying it forward today, support a traveling music explorer and click the buy button. I could really use your help!

This genre is highly sample driven, significantly slow, among other things. The associated artwork and comments often poke fun at a number of things. I like it.

I thought I'd sample my own material, just to see what it would sound like...

Who knew?

Music in a Webseries

Everything I did wrong in my 20’s” is series that follows the journey of Stephanie Rogers, a 35+ year old woman, search for happiness after losing her job. She reflects on the choices she made in her 20’s that led her to unhappiness and regret in her 30’s.”
Stephanie continues her journey to happy in the Season 2. WANNA SEE EPISODES EARLY? Support OUR Voice...

As an indie artist, I'm always overjoyed when I see others put in the time and work to create indie art, free of strings and like things. I'm happy to support this project and it's team with my small contribution of musical ideas and pieces.

In this episode, you can hear my tunes at 7:00 and 9:45 minutes. Also blessing this episode is a plethora of creative colleagues I love and adore:

I've been meaning to write this blog some time ago, but life has thrown me so many unexpected curves balls in the past two weeks my focus has been elsewhere. Despite my string of bad luck (the topic of another blog post) the silver lining is my music is a part the soundtrack of a web series called: Everything I Did Wrong in My 20's.

Apparently, this story was based on a blog! Very cool!

Directed By: Dez Davis
Written By: Kim Williams
Executive Producer: Kim Williams

Jamila + Brandy's New BET Sitcom!

Jamila just placed a song in Brandy's new BET sitcom, Zoe Ever After. It's in episode 2!

The song plays in the opening scene while Zoe (Brandy) browses art in a museum. I love that tune! Check it out!

You can listen to more of Jamila's music here or via the player below!


The thing about music that amazes me is the familiarity I have with my creations (I listen to them a million times before they're released), but the timelessness it appears to have to the listeners. This track is a great example of that! This is one of the first tracks I've made after going "indie" and it was able to hit the middle of the charts a couple of weeks ago. So unexpected.

A couple of months ago, Crazy, another song I did with Jamila was featured on a future music podcast called The Future Beats show. Complexion, the host, goes on to talk about how the track sounds like it was made yesterday, but it's actually a few years old.

AMAZING! You never know.

Made to Order Love is currently available on Traxsource and drops on Bandcamp on November 23rd. Crazy is currently available on Bandcamp and Traxsource.

Made to Order Love in Stores!

Made to order love is currently available on The release features the original, chill demo written and performed by Los Angeles singer/songwirter, Jamila and produced by Man in a Loft.  It also includes a house remix by Antigua Deep. If you like Disclosure type house or chillout future music, you might want to take a listen. This release will drop on Bandcamp on Novemeber 23rd.

Lofty Recordings ::Release Schedule::

The Lofty Recordings release schedule is now available.  We're hoping to have some additions in the next two weeks! We're releasing our entire catalog and two exclusive promos on Traxsource. Our existing releases are on the Lofty Recordings Bandcamp page. 


October 26
Crazy: The Single

November 09
Antigua Deep ft Jamila
Made to Order Love
Exclusive Promo

Feeling Friendly

November 23
Man in a Loft
Burn Slow v.03

Love is Sexy

December 07
Antigua Deep
Exclusive Promo


November 23
Antigua Dee ft Jamila
Made to Order Love

December 21
Antigua Deep