In the streets of Paris...


This Aaliyah remix made it's way around the globe, even into the streets of Paris with over half a million views.


A long time ago, I made a series of remixes I called, Stimulated Remixes. I've said this a million times, but I never knew where that stuff wound up. One day, I was browsing youtube and the next thing I knew, I discovered my work was in foreign dance schools, on radio, in the clubs and... in the streets of Paris. The video above is a tribute to FEMININITY & FREEDOM by the infamous Parisian dancer/choreographer Laure Courtellemont and her crew, Jayane, Queensy BLAZIN', Berode and Fatou Terra.

You can checkout the collection of remixes here. It's been a while since I made anything like this... Hmmm....

True Story: I met a guy whose name no one knows

I met a guy whose name I can’t tell you, because no one seems to know his real name.

True Story

So... I met a guy and he told me about this genre of music called Vaporwave. I thought it was interesting. I was intrigued. I like all types of electronic music, but I never heard of it. After watching a number of Youtube videos and listening to various creations, I had an idea.

When the music drops, it's like a warm bath of sound. Insanely slow...weirdly wonky, yet appealing. Every time I listen to this, I just feel...relaxed. If you feel the same, or just feel like paying it forward today, support a traveling music explorer and click the buy button. I could really use your help!

This genre is highly sample driven, significantly slow, among other things. The associated artwork and comments often poke fun at a number of things. I like it.

I thought I'd sample my own material, just to see what it would sound like...

Who knew?

The Entire #StimulatedRemix Collection & My Unknown Fans :-(

The entire collection of Stimulated Remixes is now posted and available (scroll down).  Well... It's actually missing a few remixes (Jay-Z, J-Lo, Ciara, more Aaliyah), but those were kinda corny (to me).  But... I digress.  I've made just about every remix available, with few exceptions.  There are some rough mixes that I'm still working on, but they'll drop in time.
I've been so blessed.  These remixes have been rocking in clubs, high-end hotel rooftop pool parties, radio stations, podcasts, mixtapes, choreographer/dance videos and various stage productions around the world.  Who knew?  I didn't know.  I started these remixes out of boredom, after being stuck in Tampa and tired of making tracks.  I never really considered remixing prior, but now, after so many remixes, I can't get enough.  The beauty of the remix, in my opinion, is the ability to take something from one genre and rework it into something sweet for a completely different genre and audience of listeners.  From BK streets to Miami beach sunset chic, anything is possible. 
These remixes landed me radio interviews and a gang of fans I STILL DON'T KNOW.  Thats the one thing I don't like.  I NEVER KNOW WHERE MY WORK WINDS UP and who appreciates it.  I'm an artist.  I'd love to connect with the people who like my work.  It's 2014 and I just found out Phonte (Little Brother, Foreign Exchange) and DJ Brainchild rocked my Aaliyah remix on their Gordon Gartrell Radio show in 2009.  How did I miss that?  More importantly, how the hell did they get word of my work?  I may never know.
I would like to change this, because I enjoy sharing my work with people.  Now that this is my sole way of earning a living it has become more important then ever.  If you've seen my stimulated remix somewhere in the world, or if you heard about me via some show or mixtape, reach out to me.  I'd love to know.
Love and light.
Be well.
Be wild.
Man in a Loft

#PHONTE & #DJBRAINCHILD rock my #REMIX -- who knew?

#PHONTE & #DJBRAINCHILD rock my #REMIX -- who knew?

Wow.  Somehow my remix wound up in the hands of artists I love, in a playlist with artists I love.  WTH?!!?? If only I knew when it happened?!?!?!!!!!!!!
More about all this and a link to the show here!


#StimulatedRemix Video - #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #Cassie

A stimulated remix from back in the day. 

Cassie - Me N U
Cali's DJ A-Swift hooked up the video.  It's been a long time since I've looked at this.